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Financial Planning / Wealth Management

Most of us have goals in life that call for an investment of a significant amount of time and financial resources. We may have done some planning. However, our natural tendency is to focus on only one or two goals that are most important to us right now. For most people, developing and maintaining a plan to achieve all of their financial goals is a daunting challenge—one we delay taking on.

Complete Comprehensive Plans

If you elect to have us do a comprehensive plan for you we will meet with you to gather complete financial information from you including your short and long term goals. With this information, we will then look for planning strategies that you can use to improve your financial situation.

During a second meeting we will deliver these strategies to you and recommend methods of implementation. Sycamore Financial, of course, recommends annual reviews and updates of your plan to keep it on track. We also find that these updates increase the knowledge level of our clients, which in turn increases their odds of success. A comprehensive plan is an ongoing process.

Your plan will cover these basic areas:

1. Cash Flow

2. Debt Reduction

3. Insurance Analysis (Including Long Term Care)

4. College Planning & Funding Options

5. Retirement Planning

6. Investment Options

7. Taxes

8. Estate Planning