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About Sycamore Financial Group

Sycamore Financial Group is an independent, regional financial services corporation. Established in 1983, we have three locations: Kokomo & Anderson, Indiana and Reston, Virginia.

Craig Smith

Craig Smith,CFP, President, Principal, is the founder of Sycamore Financial Group. He is located in the Kokomo office. Craig has 44 years of financial and business experience and 34 years' service with Sycamore Financial Group.

Anita Faulkner

Anita Faulkner, Vice President, Principal, is located
at the Kokomo office. Anita has 37 years of investment experience and 30 years with Sycamore Financial Group.

Karen Conrad

Karen Conrad, Register Assistant, is located at the Anderson office. Karen has 41 years of investment experience and 30 years with Sycamore Financial Group.

Kathryn Carter

Kathryn Carter, Located in our Kokomo office for 12 years, Kathryn can help you with pension distributions or other account information.

Allison Rumschik

Allison Rumschik is an Investment Advisor and Securities Principal. Allison is located in our Reston, Virginia office. Allison has 11 years of experience in the securities industry.

Brent Yard

Brent Yard is an Investment Advisor with Sycamore and is located at our Kokomo office. Brent recently graduated with a degree in business.

Ashley Devore

Ashley Devore is working with Sycamore in our Kokomo office. Ashley is an intern from Indiana University Kokomo.